Saturday, July 30, 2011

Impressive PC Case Mods

1. Weighted Companion Cube (via)
Weighted Companion Cube
2. Overflowed Toilet (via)
Overflowed Toilet
3. CompuBeaver (via)
4. Toaster PC (via)
Toaster PC
5. Tire PC (via)
Tire PC
6. Wrestlemania (via)
7. Wii PC (via)
Wii PC
8. Whiskey Bottle PC (via)
Whiskey Bottle
9. Wall Socket PC that actually fits into a wall socket (via)
Wall Socket PC
10. Volcanus (via)
11. Victorian PC (via)
Victorian PC
12. Underwood No. 5 (via)
Underwood No. 5
13. Trashcan PC (via)
Trashcan PC
14. Table PC (via)
Table PC
15. Stained Glass PC (via)
Stained Glass PC
16. Scooter PC (via)
Scooter PC
17. PC-O-Lantern (via)
18. The PicoCube (via)
The PicoCube
19. Piano PC (via)
Piano PC
20. Optimus Prime (via)
Optimus Prime
21. Mirtus Communicus (via)
Mirtus Communicus
22. The Temple of Nod (via)
The Temple of Nod
23. TIE Fighter (via)
TIE Fighter
24. Weapon of Mass Destruction (via)
Weapon of Mass Destruction
25. Windows XP Box PC (via)
Windows XP Box PC
26. Pyramid PC (via)
Pyramid PC
27. Microwave PC (via)
Microwave PC
28. The Unidyne PC (via)
The Unidyne PC
29. LOST (via)
30. There’s a tiny living room in that PC! (via)
Tiny Livingroom PC
31. Creepy Leela PC (via)
Creepy Leela PC
32. Terrifying Kratos PC (via)
Terrifying Kratos PC
33. Half-Life 2 PC (via)
Half-Life 2 PC
34. Gingerbread House PC (via)
Gingerbread House
35. Edelweiss PC (via)
Edelweiss PC
36. Doom 3’s Mars City (via)
Doom 3's Mars City
37. Div from Penny Arcade (via)
Div From Penny Arcade
38. Beer Dispenser PC (via)
Beer Dispenser PC
39. Bite this shiny metal Bender PC (via)
Shiny Metal PC
40. BioShock PC (via)
BioShock PC
41. Batmobile Tumbler (via)
Batmobile Tumbler
42. Concrete PC (via)
Concrete PC
43. Creepy Russian PC (via)
Creepy Russian PC
44. PCERMINATE! (via)
45. Alien PC (via)
Alien PC


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